JJ Middleway

J J Middleway Howell

JJ Middleway is a celebrant and healer who has worked and taught in the Druid tradition for the past 21 years.

He has taught a wide variety of workshops across Europe - often with his long term friend, Adrian Rooke.

He hosts a devotional singing group in his home town in Gloucestershire, England, called Enchanting the Void. This is geared to offering songs of healing to the land - as well as to ourselves. And he is a druid within the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

JJ is a teacher, focaliser & facilitator, healing, massage, singing, drumming: experience in delivering a wide variety of workshops and of focalising and facilitating gatherings in the UK, Holland and Italy, across a broad spectrum – Druid, Buddhist and Other.

Workshops are in English!

Workshop: "Earth Songs" (Enchanting the Void) chanting session.

This workshop is geared to offering songs of healing to the land - as well as to ourselves. 

"Earth Songs", Donderdag 14.00 - 16.30 uur, Veld 1 / Tent Dragonfly

JJ works with intuition, compassion and grace. I felt deeply honoured, cared for and nurtured during his session. This feeling stayed with me for a long time. I love the way JJ combines bodywork with singing and drumming. - Satu -

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