Adrian Rooke

Adrian RookeAdrian Rooke (OBOD Druid & Pagan) uit Bristol (UK) komt weer bijzondere workshops geven.

Let op! Deze workshops zijn in het Engels!

He will give at least the following workshops:

"Kids: Wooden Disk decorating"


"Ouroboros" &




"Kids: Wooden Disk Decorating"

Together with the kids he will decorate wooden disks, with a woodburner, knives, paints and other available materials. Lydia Waterreus will translate during the workshop! 

Zondag, 09.30 - 12.00 uur, Veld 6 / Tent "Draak / Kids": "Wooden Disk Decorating"


Workshop "Wandcarving"

Content of the workshop: Adrian will give an explanation about wands, types of wood, sizes, ogham, history and more. After that, he will help the participants create their own wands. This is a creative workshop in which you'll use a sharp knife to create & cut your own wand. Please be aware of the possible dangers involved. Enter at your own risk & make your own magical tool. 

Workshop "Wandcarving":


Dance of Life

Every day before breakfast, you may like to join in the Dance of Life to greet the new day. It's a great spiritual and practial way to start the new day. It consists of a series of ongoing movements, that are performed by the participants in a big circle, accompanied by a the singing of a song. In this Dance the four quarters (E,S,W,N) and the Earth and Sky are connected.

Dance of Life, Do t/m Zo om 07.30 uur, Veld 1 / Tent "Dragonfly"

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