Magdalena & Roberto

20170625 004532Hello there, we are Magdalena & Roberto. Our themes are in the lines of tantra, eastern- and pagan shamanism. We bring you 4 workshops: 

"Daikini-Daka Dance Ritual", 

"Orgasmic Yoga", 

"Wild Nymph Dance Ritual" & 

"Tantra Tai Chi for Man".

Magdalena's workshops are in English


Workshop: "Daikini-Daka Dance Ritual"

Four years ago we were guided by a higher energy to come together as lovers and partners in life. The most profound experiences came to us during love making like Dakini–Daka initiation, aligning the chakras in the divine bliss and cosmic union, King & Queen energy & the twin flames.


Roberto: My Dakini brought my male spiritual potential to a higher level. This is related to tantric rituals, practice of meditation and a lifelong experience with martial arts. Looking back on my life, everything falls into place .... Daka is translated in Tibetan as a hero or spiritual warrior, the liberator of all living things.

"After all projections have been overcome, one can see the true identity of the other"

Magdalena: Many years ago I had a vision in my dream, a clear intense picture of ancient tribal ways of wisdom, strengthening male and female energy’s before coming together as a lovers, partners and the tribe. I have never forgotten the clarity, wisdom and passion this picture has uploaded in me. Only now along with my partner we are able to translate and bring this vision into life through this Dance Ritual. We invite upon magical powers of Dakini and Daka to be expressed in a playful and sacred way. We evoke ancient earthy roots and divine energy together in a sacred, sensual and passionate approach.

Connecting Woman and Men together as a loving tribe we upraise intimacy and liberate our personal beauty;

Passion of the fire

Flow of the water

Softness of the air

Roots of the earth

Tempting dance of the snake


These powers are in you, waiting for the moment to manifest.

From the ancient roots to the modern times,

let’s build up the circle of the new tribe. 



Workshop: "Orgasmic Yoga"              

This set of few lazy yoga exercises gives us very deep relaxation out of mind control and thinking. Body gets slowly stretched bringing us back to the inner self, sensuality in the belly, joyful heart, childish fun.

We let go layers of tensions to allow new energy to flow and open the core pleasure and aliveness. Breath and sounds are freely removing stuck energy and bringing connection to all the body. It’s beautiful experience for man and woman without to much challenge and need for nudity or any previous knowledge of yoga or tantra. The tribal instruments, soft music and natural smells are helping you to relax on the way and awake more pleasure. 

Video recording

Enjoy this juicy fruit!


Workshop: "Wild Nymph Dance Ritual"      

We women blossom as flowers and our creativity to express the beauty is endless. Welcome to the world of the Nymphs!

Nymphs are female spirits eternally youthful celestial maidens who inhabited the mountains, lakes, oceans and forests. Like the gods, nymphs are one with the elements of nature's endless beauty. They are the children of the Gods and Mother Nature, and as such, they have the ability to transform between their female forms and bodies of nature, such as flowers, trees, streams, and animals.

Young teenage girl, dancing on the fields with other girls. We are easy and free, sensual in a light way, innocent and playful. Nymphs are powerful enchantresses in a subtle way...we are going to explore and evoke their energy and play together as a circle of sisters with elements of nature. Creating the flower head wreath, learning the nymphs subtle dance moves and playfulness’s a softly magical ritual that we are creating together. 

Very recommended is to dress in a white floating dress or skirt. 

For more inspiration look into my website and the dancing video.


Workshop: "Tantra Tai Chi for Man"

Welcome the Warrior....

Tantra Tai Chi voor mannen.

"Een ontwaakte man is een Krijger van het Hart. Ik roep andere mannen op om zich bij de revolutie aan te sluiten om zich te ontdoen van hun ego en met gezonde mannelijke energie aan te tonen wat het betekend om terug te keren naar de Liefde"

De Krijger is het archetype dat leeft in alle mannen. Tijdens deze workshop gaan we samen als verbonden broeders ontdekken hoe we contact kunnen maken met de krijger-energie.

Tantra Tai Chi zijn een reeks van eenvoudige oefeningen die je uit je hoofd en in je lichaam brengen met als doel om geestelijke aandacht samen te brengen met lichamelijke aandacht.

In alle Tantra Tai Chi bewegingen ligt de nadruk op de seksuele energie.

Tantra Tai Chi is geen truukje dat je even leert tijdens een workshop. Het is geen pad van woorden, maar van daden ( innerlijke training) Tuurlijk zit er een 'technische' kant aan het verhaal. Een aantal technieken worden aangereikt tijdens deze workshop zodat je thuis kunt verder oefenen. Wanneer we de techniek ons zelf maken ontstaat er meer ruimte voor meditatieve ontspanning.

Roberto beoefend Tai Chi sinds 2006 en is actief als Tai Chi leraar vanaf 2010.

Zijn interesse in Martial Arts begon op 6-jarige leeftijd met Judo en Taekwondo en later Wing Chun.

In Tai Chi vond hij een balans tussen bewegen en controle.

En in Tantra vond hij zijn vrouw, Red Dakini (Magdalena), een ervaren tantrika. Het was niet meer dan een logisch dat Tantra Tai Chi hieruitzijn oorsprong vond.

Samen creëren zij in Rotterdam een sacred space waarin geregeld ceremonieel werk gedaan wordt. Hun wortels liggen in de lijnen van Tantra ,Oosterse wijsheid en Sjamanisme van de koude grond.


Saturday morning: Orgasmic Yoga (electricity available)

Saturday afternoon: Tantra Tai Chi

Thursday Afternoon: Daikini Dance Ritual (electricity available)

Friday morning: Wild Nymph Workshop (electricity available)

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