Adrian Rooke & JJ Middleway

AwenThe magical druidic brothers, Adrian & JJ, will host, together, 2 very special workshops for us.

(English Workshops)

These workshops are:

"Druidry, an introduction" &

"The Ouroboros from a druid perspective"

The also do the "Dance of Life" every morning of the festival and both have their own workshops as well.

"Druidry, an introduction"   

An exploration of Druidry in the modern world. Its guiding principles and tips on how to lead a satisfying life, grounded in a love of the earth. Adrian and JJ have over half a century of Druidic practice on which to base their teaching. This is a rare opportunity to hear these accidental 'Elders' of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids share their individual and joint wisdom, along with some light humour. It will be both informative and inclusive. 

Workshop "Druidry", Zondag 14.00 uur, Entreeveld / Tent "Egel"


"The Ourorobos from a Druid Perspective"

What life lessons does the symbol and teaching of 'the dragon eating its own tail' offer us in this time of disintegration? Looking to learn from some of the lessons of nature, we will explore the cycle of death and rebirth from both an alchemical and a grounded perspective. There will be a guided drum journey / visualisation to help explore this aspect of ourselves. Why on earth is there wisdom in 'eating one's own tail'? And what does it offer to each of us. Come and find out. 

Workshop "Ouroboros", Zaterdag 14.00 uur, Veld 1 / Tent Dragonfly

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