Danny Burns

Danny BurnsDanny Burns komt tijdens het festival een prachtige workshop (in het Engels) aanbieden, te weten:

"Vipassana meditation"

Hello there, my name is Danny. I am a meditator of many years

My interest in meditation and consciousness started early on in my life. Already as a child, laying in bed concentrating on one point on my forehead. 

Over the years I have practised

various types of meditations, I have followed several different kinds of teachings and read as much scientific research on the subject as I could find. Over the last 20 years, I have practised with several teachers Vipassana (a mindfulness insight meditation). 

I teach a practice from the Buddhist Theravada Tradition. We will also practice a none-dual meditation and meta (loving-kindness) meditation.

Vipassana for me has been very useful on my spiritual path. It’s a refuge. It gives insights into what makes me tick. It makes my ego strategies more visible enabling me to work on them, to become a better version of myself. It develops consciousness in everyday life. It is good for Depression and Anxiety.


Workshop "Vipassana meditation"

Vipassana can be translated as “Insight,” a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens. We spend most, if not all of our life thinking of what happened in the past, how that should have been different. What will happen tomorrow, or later. We rarely, if ever, live in the direct experience of now. Sit in a guided meditation with Danny, learn the beauty of being in the direct experience of now.

Workshop "Vipassana meditation",  

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